How long does it take for my items to be priced and out on the floor (which is when the three months start)?

Right now we are in the middle of organizing our store.  We have a large stock of clothing that we are trying to get all of it out  It is hard to say when we will have it up-to-date but we are working at it. 

What do you do with my email?
That is just used for communicating when needed between us and you. Currently we use social media like Facebook, Instagram and soon twitter for advertising.  If we have a special event or sale then we will put out an email for that to everyone. 

How do you price the items?

Our amazing staff at the store have been working here for years and are pretty consistent with pricing (I am a new owner and learning all of this) We also have a consignment software system that keeps track of the average selling price history for that label and size.  

Will all my items be priced and put out?

When you bring in items we try and quickly go through it. Sometimes we do miss something. When we are pricing it that is when we might catch a missing button or a stain. We are sorry but we do not have the staff or the time to call/email everyone to tell them that one of your items will not be taken. 

Do you have any coupons out right now?
We currently advertise in the Home and lifestyle magazine in the Waterloo area a few months per year. We have also have been including a coupon with every purchase you make at the store till they run out. ($5 off when you spend $25.00) 

After the three months what is the process of getting my items back?

The best way is the following:
Give us a call to tell us when you were thinking of coming by (the best is to give us a couple days notice)  Any day for us would work except for a Saturday. 
When there is more then one staff on then we will try and go through the store to collect your items to have it ready. If we cannot find all your items we will have a list of your items printed out and have you look for them as you would be better recognizing your items.

​Please be aware that sometimes mistakes happen or mix ups can happen. We really try our best to keep everything in order and with the right consignor.